Deep Heat naturals

Natural Therapy

Natural healthcare is gaining popularity with Australians as an option for pain, arthritis and injury. This is why Mentholatum Deep Heat has formulated a new Deep Heat naturals Gel enriched with plant essential ingredients to assist with the relief of pain caused by arthritis, sports injuries and general day to day bumps and bruises.

Deep Heat naturals Pain Relief Gel

Deep Heat naturals Pain Relief Gel contains Arnica, Calendula, Eucalyptus and Horse Chestnut which may relieve aches and pains, improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

The gel may provide temporary relief of pain associated with arthritis, sport injuries and day to day bumps and bruises.

The Deep Heat naturals range can be incorporated into the daily routine of arthritic pain sufferers and is an ideal complementary treatment to other pain management products.

Natural Relief

Containing natural ingredients and a lighter fragrance, the plant essential ingredients in Deep Heat naturals Gel may help:

  •  Reduce swelling
  •  Improve healing of bruises
  •  Stimulate circulation
  •  Reduce pain and inflammation
  •  Relieve muscle aches and strains



*Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

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