Specialists in ICE Therapy

Immediate Treatment


Ice Gel Treatment

Cold therapy is routinely used in the immediate management of acute soft tissue injuries, from sprains and strains to bruises.

Cold application decreases bleeding, swelling, pain, and disability. Cold therapy is also used to improve recovery time as part of the rehabilitation program for the treatment of both acute and chronic injuries.

Cold therapy can aid tissue recovery after trauma, providing pain relief by decreased nerve conduction, and decreased swelling by contraction of blood vessels.

Various cooling procedures have been used to apply cold to injured areas when actual ice is not available or inconvenient to use, such as ice packs, frozen gel packs, and vapour coolants.

Application of Cold Therapy

The process for using cold therapy as initial treatment for soft tissue injuries is based on the principles of PRICER and ‘avoid HARM’. These are most important in the 48-72 hours following the injury and provide the tissue with the best possible environment for recovery, ultimately leading to a quicker return back to sport or activity.