Oxy Products

For too long anti-acne products have been treating male and female skin with the same formulations. Male skin is different.1

OXY is an advanced anti-acne skincare range engineered just for guys. It helps to combat problems associated with teenage male skin, with targeted action on pimples, blackheads and excess oil.

The OXY range consists of Daily and Treatment products. The OXY Daily Range works in a 4 way action to break the acne cycle.2 OXY treatment creams contain Benzoyl Peroxide for mild, moderate and/or severe causes of acne.

To learn more about OXY and for stockist information, please visit  www.oxy.com.au.





1 Dao H. Jr, & Kazin, R.A. (2007) Gender Differences in Skin: A review of the literature. Gender Medicine, 4 (4): 308-328.
2 OXY 4-way action applies to the following products only: Daily Body Wash, Face Wash and Maximum Face Scrub.