When just an antiviral isn't enough.


What is propovir?

propovir is a naturally derived and clinically proven treatment that reduces healing time and pain associated with coldsores. Its active ingredient propolis extract ACF® (Antiviral Complex of Flavonoids) is extracted from propolis, a naturally occurring substance collected by bees from plant sources.


propovir is more than just an antiviral

Traditional antivirals are only of benefit during the very early stage of cold sores – during the "tingle" stage… propovir targets ALL stages of a cold sore. Read more


Faster healing, less pain

propovir heals cold sores up to 4 days faster2

  • Natural remedy with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & local anaesthetic properties
  • Effective antiviral activity
  • Speeds up cold sore healing

Clinical studies have proven propovir reduces healing time and pain associated with cold sores1,2.

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How do I use propovir?

At the first sign of tingle or blister, apply propovir 5 times a day, until the attack disappears.
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Caution: Propolis may cause skin irritation so test before use. The product should not be used in or around the eyes. Discontinue use if rash appears.

For more information and to learn about the benefits of propovir visit the website, www.propovir.com.au. propovir can be purchased from pharmacies and supermarkets nationally, or alternatively online through the link below.


Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.



1. Compared to no treatment, Hoheisel O., Journal of Clinical Research, 2001. Financed by Hela Pharma AB.

2. Szmeja et al., Otolaryng Pol, 41(3): 183 – 188, 1987.